Getting Started

Initial Setup and Prerequisites

Elsa Workflows offers flexibility in how you can set up and run workflows. Whether you're looking for a quick console-based workflow or a full-fledged ASP.NET Core workflow server, Elsa has got you covered. In this guide, we'll walk you through the initial setup for various application types.


Before diving into the setup, ensure you have the following:

  • .NET SDK (Version 6 or higher)
  • A code editor (e.g., Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Rider)
  • Basic knowledge of C# and ASP.NET Core

1. Elsa Console Application

For those who want a quick introduction to Elsa or wish to test workflows without a server setup, the console application is an ideal starting point:

  1. Create a New Console Application:

    dotnet new console -n "ElsaConsole" -f net7.0
  2. Install Elsa NuGet Packages:

    cd ElsaConsole
    dotnet add package Elsa
  3. Define and Run a Simple Workflow:

    • Use C# to define a workflow that prompts for a name and greets the user.
    • Execute the workflow within the console application.

Continue setting up an Elsa Console Application

2. Elsa Server Application

For developers and businesses aiming to leverage the full power of Elsa, setting up a workflow server provides a more comprehensive platform:

  1. Create a New ASP.NET Core Web Application:

    dotnet new web -n ElsaServer
  2. Install Required Elsa NuGet Packages:

    cd ElsaServer
    dotnet add package Elsa
    dotnet add package Elsa.Http
    dotnet add package Elsa.Workflows.Api

Continue Setting up an Elsa Server Application

3. Elsa Studio Application

For a visual representation and management of your workflows, Elsa Studio offers a user-friendly interface to design, monitor, and manage your workflows:

  1. Create a New Blazor WebAssembly Application:

    dotnet new blazorwasm -n ElsaStudio
  2. Install Elsa Studio NuGet Packages:

    dotnet add package Elsa.Studio
  3. Connect Elsa Studio to the Workflow Server:

    • Configure Elsa Studio to connect to the workflow server created in step 2.
    • Launch Elsa Studio and start designing your workflows!

[Link to detailed guide on setting up Elsa Studio Blazor Application]

Extensible Platform

As you progress with Elsa, remember that the platform is extensible. You can always add more features, integrate with other systems, and customize it to fit your specific needs.