Incident Strategies

We can configure what the workflow engine should do in case of an incident through Incident Strategies.


The default strategy is Fault, but we can change it by setting the IncidentStrategy property of the WorkflowOptions class:

services.Configure<IncidentOptions>(options =>
    options.DefaultIncidentStrategy = typeof(ContinueWithIncidents);

The default strategy will be used for all workflows that do not have a strategy configured explicitly.

Workflow Specific

We can configure the incident strategy for a workflow by setting the WorkflowOptions property of the Workflow class:

public class MyWorkflow : WorkflowBase
    protected override void Build(IWorkflowBuilder builder)
        builder.WorkflowOptions.IncidentStrategyType = typeof(ContinueWithIncidents);

We can also configure the incident strategy for a workflow via Elsa Studio:

Incident strategy setting