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HTTP Backend API

HTTP Backend API

This is an example of a workflow that demonstrates the following features:

  • Responding to inbound HTTP requests.
  • Making HTTP requests to a backend API.
  • Returning JSON responses.
  • Using variables.
  • Using expressions.
  • Using route parameters.

Download the following file to import the workflow: http-backend-api.json

After importing the workflow, make sure to publish it and note the URL of the HTTP trigger. The URL of the HTTP trigger can be found on the Input panel of the HTTP Endpoint activity:

HTTP Endpoint Input

The following is a sample request:

curl --location 'https://localhost:5001/workflows/users/2'

Here is a sample response:

  "id": 2,
  "email": "",
  "first_name": "Janet",
  "last_name": "Weaver",
  "avatar": ""
HTTP - Hello World